Call for Papers(download here)

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Advanced manufacturing
Advanced motion control
Agile manufacturing
Agriculture, construction, industrial automation, manufacturing process
Application of automation control technology in the aerospace field
Applications in systems and engineering
Artificial intelligent
Automatic control theory and foundation
Automation and control systems, middleware
Automation equipment and systems
Automation system engineering
Automotive and transportation systems
Biomedical and rehabilitation engineering, welfare robotics and mechatronics
Cellular manufacturing
CNC machine tool fault diagnosis and maintenance
Concurrent engineering
Control systems: theory & application
Control theory and control engineering
Cyber-physical systems
Design for manufacture and assembly
Detection guidance and control technology
Distributed control systems
Electrical and electronic technology
Electrical engineering and automation
Electromechanical control technology
Electronic device design and control
Electronics, robotics and mechatronics engineering
Energy harvesting systems
Estimation & filtering
Fault detection and diagnosis in mechatronics systems
Flexible manufacturing systems
Human-machine interface
Humanoid robots, service robots
Human-robot interaction, semi-autonomous systems, telerobotics
Industrial Process Control and Simulation
Information & communication systems
Information technology applied to
Intelligent control technology and application
Intelligent transportation systems
Knowledge based systems
Lean manufacturing logistics
Machine vision
Management of technology
Measurement and control technology and instruments

Measurement, data acquisition and diagnostics
Mechanical and electrical product design and development
Mechanical design and manufacturing engineering
Mechatronic systems applications
Mechatronics engineering
Mechatronics in energy systems
Mechatronics modeling, simulation and design
Mechatronics systems engineering
Mechatronics technology
Micro mechatronics
Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)
Microelectronic Technology
Mining robotics
Mobile robotics
Modeling and design
Modeling and simulation scheduling
Modern automatic production equipment
Monitoring systems
Motor and electrical equipment
Multi-agent systems
Navigation, localization, manipulation
Network systems
Operations management
Operations research/decision theory
Optimization/mathematical programming
Pattern recognition and intelligent system
Power electronics systems
Process Control
Rapid prototype
Rescue, hazardous environments
Robot intelligence and learning
Robot vision and audition
Robotics, mobile platforms, unmanned vehicles
Robots and automation
Sensor data fusion
Sensor design, sensor fusion, sensor networks
Sensor development
Sensors, actuators and drivers systems
Sustainability, energy conservation, ecology
System integration
Systems biology/ecology
Universal design and services, ubiquitous robots and devices
Unmanned and autonomous systems
Vibration and noise control


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