ICMSCE2018 Conference Committees

General Chair 

Prof. Dr. E. Faruk Kececi, Abdullah Gul University, Turkey


Program Chair 

Assoc. Prof. Erdinc Altug, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
Assoc. Prof. Ilker Murat Koc, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey


Registration Chair 

Dr. Kenan Isik, Ministry of Education, Turkey


Organizing Committee 

Prof. Fabio P. Bonsignorio, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa, Italy
Prof. Gang Tao, University of Virginia, USA
Assoc. Prof. Pinhas Ben-Tzvi, Virginia Tech, USA
Prof. Giovanni Muscato, Università degli Studi di CATANIA, Italy
Prof. Denis Blackmore, New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA
Prof. John Billingsley, University of Southern Queensland, Australia
Prof. Mohammad Elahinia, The University of Toledo, USA
Prof. Manuel F. Silva, Institute of Engineering of Porto, Portugal
Prof. Selin Aradag, TOBB University of Economics and Technology, Turkey
Assoc. Prof. Erdinc Altug, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
Asst. Prof. Dr. Georg Rauter, University of Basel, Switzerland
Asst. Prof. Yigit Tascioglu, TOBB ETU, Turkey
Dr. Turgay Eray, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
Dr. R. Scott Evans, The University of Texas at Austin, USA
Dr. Yohanes Daud, Research Engineer at Nidec Singapore Pte. Ltd.

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